Enova Insurance combines independent insurance advice with insight and innovation

This is

Our mission

Enova Insurance is a young insurance broker company with many years of experience. Taking an innovative approach to insurance brokerage, our mission is to make it easier and simpler for medium-sized and larger companies to get the right insurance solution that is always up to date.


The starting point of our work is a thorough analysis and insight into your business, which we combine with our ability to negotiate the best solution in a market with many providers – each with their own profile, strengths and weaknesses. We also aim to use innovative solutions to modernise the service level in the brokerage industry and align it with customers’ needs.


Of course the ultimate goal is for you to be able to forget about insurance policies and focus on running your business knowing that you have the best coverage should an accident occur – and that you always pay the best price for your insurance plan.


Based on our in-depth knowledge of the market and our collaboration with the best insurance companies in Denmark, the Nordic region and the UK, we negotiate and put together the best solutions, regardless of whether you operate locally, regionally or internationally.


An independent insurance broker and an insurance agent

It is in the DNA of an insurance broker to be impartial and independent of the interests of insurance companies.

We represent our customers and act as their insurance specialists. This means that we do not accept commissions or payments from the insurance companies, but only receive payment for our work from our own customers.

We obtain the best offers from the insurance companies and, in close dialogue with our customers, take out an insurance policy with the company that offers the best coverage at the best price. An insurance agent, on the other hand, is employed by an insurance company and only offers advice and products from that company’s offerings – they are therefore locked to a single company.